"I mainly use paper mill biosolids for the supply of organic matter. This improves the structure of the soil and helps to maintain an adequate level of moisture. Fertilizing residuals can be used in place of manure and allow to eliminate the need to purchase chemical fertilizers. The use of these products also allows us to reduce the time and cost of transportation to fertilize distant lands. I've been using paper mill biosolids for over 15 years!"

Stéphane Galibois, Ferme Galibois enr., Berthier-sur-Mer

"Ashes have a much faster effect than lime. I tested the product on fields that were poor and had a very low pH. Within five years I had reached a level more than satisfactory. I have not bought lime for several years. Ash is effective and works fast. That's why I’ve been using flying ashes for 10 years. It's quick and easy to spread. Ashes are very versatile for all crops and spreading times."

Jocelyn Campagna, Ferme Ledzep 2000 inc., Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud

"Pulp and paper sludge! It works! Since 2014, the company Ferme Champs d'Or 2011 inc. has been using these biosolids as a lime amendment. We have sampled soil using a GPS, and the results are clear. It has allowed us to lime our soil efficiently!"

David-Alexandre Bédard, Ferme Champs d'Or 2011 inc., Mirabel

"It’s crazy! Fly ash is a great product that allows to fertilize in phosphorus and potassium while liming. It’s like having chicken manure without nitrogen. It works for all types of crops, for oats, as well as for corn and soya."

Élie Beaudry, Ferme Catélie, Donnacona

“ I've been using Gran-Mix for about 3 years. I was looking to enrich my soils (strong clay) with phosphorus and organic matter. From the first year, I saw a yield increase of ½ to ¾ tonne in soybeans. I had tried chemical fertilizers before, but the results had not been satisfactory. Gran-Mix allowed me to cut on chemical fertilizers on corn crops and save on my bill, so I don't mind paying for this product. In total, it is less expensive and I have more yield! I'm doubly winning! “

Michel Lozeau, Ferme Lomitec enr., Les produits d’Antoine, Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu

“ I use Gran-Mix since 2011. In the first year, I applied it on my hay in the spring. I ran out before I could complete my field. During the harvest (1st cut), there was a good difference of 6-7 inches between the fertilized part and the one that didn’t receive any. I was convinced! Since then, I've been using Gran-Mix every year on corn, soybeans and grasslands. My yields have risen from 25% to 30%! My soils needed it, as they are sandy and the soils were very poor. I don’t intend to stop using this product! ”

Robert Péloquin, Ferme Robert Péloquin, Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel

“ We use Gran-Mix mainly to fertilize soybeans, because the product slowly mineralizes in soils and nitrogen and phosphorus are available when the crop needs it most. It's a bit more work but it's worth the cost! I hope this product will always be available! “

Mario Lavallée, Ferme Spredor enr., Sainte-Victoire-de-Sorel

"We were looking for a way to improve the structure of our soils. The application of paper biosolids has allowed us to add organic matter in addition to liming our fields."

Sébastien Coutu, Raymond Coutu Farm and Son S.E.N.C. in St-Thomas