Our expertise

Englobe is a real partner for the agricultural producers, providing them with a variety of fertilizing waste materials that meet their needs: composts, paper mill biosolids, municipal biosolids, agri-food sludge, ash or calcic amendments. Englobe’s added value is to support the agricultural client all along the process and the choice of material up to the activity report, including the landfarming monitoring. The wide variety of products offered, combined with the expertise of a team of agronomists and agricultural technicians who work in keeping with good practices and state of the art related to the field, allow Englobe to stand out as a partner of choice for more than 500 farms in the province.

  • Administrative actions to fill in project notice forms or obtain certificates of authorization
  • Analysis monitoring
  • Coordination of transportation and delivery
  • Identification of delivery sites
  • Drafting of agro-environmental recycling plans (PAER)
  • Environmental monitoring with MDDELCC
  • Crops monitoring